One of the main staples of human agreement or interaction since five hundred B.C. has been handshakes. It is said that it was first done by the Greeks. Many historians say that the handshake originated as the sign of agreement & peace and served as a proof that neither of them was possessing or holding any weapon. Today, the handshake is considered as a very important gesture. Research says that strong handshakes lead to better & meaningful conversations, increase one job aspirant’s chances of landing a job, and lead to negotiations & deals closed. However, a bad handshake can leave a bad impression. Therefore, it is very important to know the basics of a good handshake.

Tips to Deliver a Good Handshake

The following are some useful tips can help one deliver a good handshake.

business hanshakeStand Up

One should always try to stand up when he/she is being introduced and keep the right-hand free, so he/she can shake hands easily. This makes people feel welcome, however, sitting while being introduced could suggest apathy.

Stand In Front & Offer Hand Sideways

Standing in-front of people makes one appear confident and trustworthy. When you extend your hand, you should not extend your hand with your hand’s palm facing upwards; it will make you appear submissive. Similarly, if the palm of your hand is down, it could give an impression that you think yourself to be superior.

Maintain an Eye Contact & Smile during Handshake

One should look into the eyes of the person whose hand he/she is shaking because smiling at people make them happy and comfortable and for that reason, they often instinctively smile back.

Handshakes should be Firm

A person with a firm handshake is usually considered as more competent and confident person.

Say Something before Letting Go the Person’s Hand

Business handshakeBefore releasing the hand of the person, you should say something like “it was a pleasure meeting you” or “I’m glad to have met you”, as it will strengthen the relationship or connection between you and the person. In addition to this, you can also try adding the name of the person like, “it was nice talking to you, Nick”. This will make the meeting more pleasant and memorable.

Handshakes are a very important gesture that would say a lot of things about you, such as your confidence, personality, and manners. Make sure that the handshake is good and reflect your good personality. A good handshake can be a beginning of a productive business partnership and in the same way, a bad handshake may work against you.